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Do you know who is accessing your sensitive data?
Hanlinca Solutions is operated by Scott Duthie as a Corporation in the Information Technology Reseller and Service market. Scott brings 20 years of business to business sales expertise and has spent the last 15 years in Information Technology sales.

Managed Services

Through the use of next-generation security software we monitor all of the traffic on your network, detect and neutralize threats without affecting business operations. The benefits of our service include:

Reduced risk of security breaches
We are actively monitoring your network and blocking intrusion attempts and threats.

No more worry about spam, viruses and malware
Multi-layer protection that includes your network, servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Proactive maintenance, fewer glitches and zero downtime
We detect and address issues that impact business operations.

Increased productivity of your IT team
Your team will finally have time to work on projects while we take care of the everyday maintenance of your infrastructure.

Flat and affordable rates
Tailored packages based on the size of your organization and IT requirements.

Regular updates and reporting
Full visibility into everything that is happening on your network and the peace of mind as we handle all of your network and security needs.


Professional Services

Technology Audit
An all-encompassing best-practices audit designed for small and medium size businesses. Ever wonder how your technology stacks up to your competitors? Would you like to know how you can streamline your infrastructure, eliminate issues and save money? If so, our technology review is a perfect starting point.

Project Management
The source for all your project needs. We offer an array of services and resources that champion project success and customer satisfaction. Leveraging industry best practices and methodologies we guarantee successful project delivery, no matter how big or small your project is.

Enterprise Consulting
Focused on providing businesses with enterprise-level advisory and consulting services. Our accredited consultants are professional problem solvers that can help you with planning, design, implementation, operation and optimization in the areas of server/network infrastructure, virtualization, security, cloud computing, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.


Security Assessments

Vulnerability Assessment
A scheduled and proactive review of your organization’s systems and structure to determine potential threats that can impact your business. Discover weaknesses in your IT systems and stablish a prioritized remediation plan.

Network Penetration Test
A comprehensive test designed to answer the question: “What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against an active, human, skilled criminal”. The goal is to exploit security weaknesses to gain unauthorized access to the network and confidential information such as customer data, salary and proprietary information. The knowledge gained through this assessment is used to prevent an actual attack.

Web Application Test
With multi-tier network architectures, web services and applications keeping data secure if more difficult than ever. Web applications are often designed or deployed without proper security controls. They become easy pickings for a cyber-criminals and provide an easy way into the rest of the network. Our testing methodology is designed to uncover weaknesses and lower the likelihood of compromise.

Social Engineering
People are often the weakest link when it comes the security of your business. By nature humans are trusting and often reveal too much information to outsiders, which can harm your organization. Our phishing campaigns are designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of your internal awareness program.


Incident Response

The Hanlinca Incident Response (IR) Services team works collaboratively with your company to handle critical security incidents and conduct forensic analysis to resolve immediate cyberattacks and implement a long-term solution to stop recurrences.

The Hanlinca IR team takes an intelligence-led, teamwork approach that blends real-world IR and remediation experience with cutting-edge technology to identify attackers quickly and disrupt, contain and remove them from your environment.

Hanlinca partners with your organization to develop a plan that takes into consideration your operational needs, as well as existing investments and resources, ensuring a thorough investigation and a customized remediation action plan.

Hanlinca encourages a proactive approach to Cybersecurity and can work with your organization to help prevent a Ransomware attack before it happens.

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