Managed Services

IT for most organizations is hard, time consuming and costly. The threats to your IT infrastructure are constantly evolving; viruses and malware are becoming harder to detect and harder to neutralize. IT security is a constant battle which requires the commitment of significant resources which might be better used in other areas of your business.

IT professionals face daily security issues. It is a constant battle between those who must ensure the security of their IT infrastructure and those who try to circumvent it. Drawing on the resources and expertise of industry leading partners, Hanlinca Solutions provides its customers with services that enable them to increase their level of security while adapting it as technological innovations continue to evolve.

Outsourcing your IT to us means peace of mind; we provide infrastructure management, 24/7/365 protection with advanced threat detection and elimination technologies. We pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of cyber-thieves, and we have developed a streamlined security infrastructure that makes our monitoring system one of the most comprehensive available.

To put it simply, we keep the bad guys out so you can concentrate on running your business. We manage your infrastructure and act as your personal Chief Information Security Officer.

How does it work?
To start, we meet with you to evaluate your current infrastructure and security requirements and pain points. Based on the initial discovery we pick a service package that will meet your needs.

Next, we work with your team to deploy state of the art technologies, remote management and endpoint protection technologies that meet the performance needs of your business applications.

Through the use of next-generation security equipment we monitor all of the traffic on your network, detect and neutralize threats without affecting business operations.

Our customized monthly reports give you a bird’s eye view of the activities on your network. Our secure client portal provides a detailed understanding of what’s happening at any given time, and going back as far as 12 months to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

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